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staHHr emerged on the Atlanta underground/indie scene in 1998 and took it by storm. The Memphis-born, Atlanta raised mc was quickly taken under the wing of The Micranots and Mass Influence and alongside them, Binkis Records, The Hemisphere and a host of other mcs, ushered in a sea change in Atlanta that created a launching pad for hip hop artists from everywhere. During this time, a chance meeting with MF DOOM at a show sparked a musical alliance that led to staHHr being featured on DOOM’s “Mm Food” (as Anjelika), “Born Like This” and King Geedorah‘s “Take Me to Your Leader”. No stranger to the elements and culture of hip hop, staHHr has earned stripes and sharpened her sword in ciphers, mc battles (Blaze, The Source, Red Bull, etc.) and performing on local, national and global stages.

She released her first single “Rhymefluid” on the now defunct Subverse Music in 2002 and followed up with her first DOOM feature on the King Gheedorah “Take Me to Your Leader” album in 2003. Although she’d been releasing music, doing features and performing for years, it wasn’t until 2008 that she unleashed her debut “Almost Neva Was” (the first of three albums) via the Beatvizion Music digital imprint. She followed up with a compilation of features and freestyles in 2011 (“That Was You?”) and her second album in 2012 “Mother Nature with a Molotov: Molotov Season”.

Renown for her phenomenal spontaneous freestyle ability, high energy and lyrical prowess, staHHr  has more than earned those “two H’s for hip hop” in her attribute. She has worked and performed with a diverse group of artists that includes Del, John Robinson, Eloh Kush, El da Sensei (Artifacts), Tiye Phoenix, Queen Herawin (The Juggaknots), Smif N Wessun/Boot Camp Clik, dead prez, Luciano, Amiri Baraka, Planet Asia, Homeboy Sandman, Bocafloja, AG (DITC), and C-Rayz Walz. She has performed at several events to raise awareness and advocate for justice for Mumia Abu Jamal, Troy Davis, Assata Shakur and Mutulu Shakur.

Most recently, staHHr headlined The B-Side Hip Hop Festival in Birmingham, UK (2019) and released “Respect Due”, a series of photos, videos and “restyles” paying homage to her favorite and often unsung legends in hip hop. The digital compilation, set to 13 of staHHr’s favorite instrumentals, was released February 2018. It was included in Bandcamp’s “Best of Hip Hop” March 2018. Currently, staHHr is working on new music. Poised with mic in hand and an unending reservoir of lyrics, staHHr’s mission and focus is simple: preserve, innovate, heal and bring balance to the culture of hip hop.

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31 thoughts on “Bio/Contact Info

    • DAYAM!!! Heard ur track,GMF, just yesterday on blogtalk radio and….sighed…revived…she’s back again…in many forms…ALIVE!
      Reachin, Teachin, Believin in…THe Great Mother…yeahhhhhhh!
      Hard to find the words for this level of inspiration…
      Universoulove Sistahhr!! Keep on keepin on….

      • Thank you sis, that is exactly why I do this, and I’m humbled by and grateful for your words and energy. Much love and Light!!

    • We must simply praise Goddess for you, thank you beloved you are indeed a blessing, you help provide a musical context for my own work, Praise Black Goddess, may your name be elevated, recognized and deified

  1. I heard your song on a show with SiStar MyRah. I play your “Great Mother” song on my Ipod on the way to work and back home.
    Very uplifting! You are a gifted young woman. I command prosperity and joy your way. Hotep

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  3. Just finish via thru a friend listening to your album MOTHER NATURE WITH A MOLOTOV: MOLOTOV SEASON I’m kind beating myself over my the head I’ve heard Jean Grae, Tiye Phoenix, MC Lyte, Lady of Rage, and my others !! I’ve listen to Talib Kweli, KRS One, Skyzoo, One Be LO, just to name a few. Your style of Hip Hop is rare but different in a why because you talk about mix of things like your song Crown Its like you reach highest level but yet you go further. MUCH LOVE COMING !!!

  4. Get right ,Backbone my favourites .Your Mother Nature with a Molotov Album was outstanding . I acknowledge your craft and Work STAHHR

  5. God Bless U Queen 👑 Dear, Stahhr I love ur music give me strength make me read Word Of God stay focused about my Life. I need to know how get ur Cds can u email me. Thank You again

  6. Peace queen
    This is brother alkeebulan representing unia division 178 philly im contacting you because were putting on a show on the 22nd or 29th of august and we were wondering how much it would cost to get you out to philly to perform

  7. I just bought your Molotov Season album on bandcamp, love what you do sister! We all need more strong, positive vibes in this world. What do you have cooking right now – is there a new album in the works?

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