It is a myth that one needs to consume cow’s milk and dairy products to get the RDA (recommended daily amount) of calcium. First of all, that food pyramid has more to do with the meat and dairy industries making money than our health. Many people of Asiatic/African descent are intolerant to lactose. Those that can consume it and choose to should be mindful of the hormones and GMOs in non organic dairy products and cleanse internally as needed to break up the mucus build up that accompanies dairy. Trust me, I have my personal vices and can attest to the strong hold those hormones in dairy can have on you, especially for emotional eaters. Always be patient and kind with self wherever you are on your dietary path. Many vegetarians and vegans end up deficient because they are not eating a diverse enough diet to get the vitamins and minerals they need. Sure, there are supplements, it’s just optimal to get those things from food sources. 1000 mg is the RDA for adult women 50 and under and men under 70. 1500 mg for women 51 and older  and men 71 and older. A [8 oz] glass of whole milk has 276 mg of calcium.Below is a list of alternatives with high calcium and a few pics of my personal favorites. Also note that calcium alone is not enough to insure bone health. Exercise and adequate vitamin D (sunshine works well for the melanin dominant) are essential for proper utilization of calcium. It is also important to not eat excessive amounts of protein (which many people do) or take supplements that interfere with calcium absorption (ie: high doses of magnesium).

Dandelion Greens – 100mg (10% RDA) per cup, chopped

Kale – 90mg (9% RDA) per cup, chopped

Romaine lettuce – 207mg (21% RDA) per head

Green leaf lettuce – 130mg (13% RDA) per head

Italian parsley – 83mg (8% RDA) per cup

Young coconut – up to 170mg (17% RDA) per coconut

Fresh figs – 88mg (9% RDA) in 5, medium-sized figs (dried figs 241 mg!!!)

Orange – 60mg (6% RDA) per medium-sized fruit

One cup of papaya or 1 kiwi fruit each provide 3% RDA of calcium.

Brussel sprouts- 88mg in 1 cup




Collard greens


Collards greens


Black eyed peas and tomatoes





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