nipsey chains Nipsey_Hussle_Crenshaw-back-large Nipsey_Hussle_Crenshaw-front-large

I must be honest, I just started listening to Nipsey Hussle’s music recently, though I have been familiar with the name and the face, yes the face, 🙂 for a few years. I checked out “Crenshaw and Slauson (True Story) and dug it, which led me to his latest mixtape “Crenshaw”. What sparked my interest specifically is that he’s selling the physical for $100 (which he signs and numbers personally) and is offering the download for free. Yes, a $100 cd. I listened to Nipsey’s recent interview on Hot97 (link below) and he broke it down. It makes sense, you give it away for free and give the option to pay, which a true fan always will. He said he sold out of 1,000 cds in one day! I respect his business acumen and he comes across as an intelligent grounded brother. The mixtape is downloading as I write this, so I’ll have to follow up and let you know whether or not I buy the $100 cd, which you can get here: http://iamproud2pay.com/


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