staHHrlings, MVPs and ALL staHHrs: staHHr Music & Merch Packages

Whether you’ve been rocking with me since my Five Points cipher days, my DOOM album features under various sobriquets or you just recently tapped in to Mother Nature with a Molotov, if you love the music and wish to support it, I offer several different packages to accommodate any budget. Music is a luxury item for most and in a day in time where one can easily rip music online, I greatly appreciate supporters that invest their currency in what I’m doing.


All of my projects are available as instant downloads via


These can be purchased here:

For my “staHHrlings” (staHHr’s darlings) the Molotov Madness package (pictured above) includes all 3 cds for $30. (Make it a Molotov Madness Deluxe and add an autographed staHHr poster for $5)

MVP Package (Most Valuable Player): This package includes all 3 cds and a Seasonal colorway tee (right now that’s the Bull’s Eye) in men/unisex and ladies classic fit tees sizez s-xl) for $40.

AllstaHHr Package: You want it all, the cds, the tee and the autographed poster? Well, it’s yours! This package is $50.


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