Frank Discussion: staHHr


If I had a Guinness for every classic track staHHr has created – regardless of moniker – I would never be sober. Since we are just days away from the release of our latest book featuring DOOM, and she just dropped her latest album on her self titled bandcamp page, let’s have a Frank Discussion with someone who has flowed with him.

My name is… staHHr aka Mother Nature with a Molotov

And you might know me because… I’m the don mama of the ATL underground hip hop scene. “I been in this [mcing] game for years, it made me an animal,” word to B.I.G.

The best thing about what I do is… I get to share my art/skill with people all over the world without compromising artistic integrity or quality.

And the worst part is… it doesn’t pay all of the bills… yet.

The most addictive thing in my life right now is… roasted seaweed snacks, Oyin Handmade hair products, over using the word “though.”

More people should know that… ladybugs are beetles.

I always notice when… people are full of sh@t.

It’ll always be in style to… wear timbs year round.

But never… to be a biter.

Someone from the past who will never forget me is… anyone I made eye contact with B, I’m unforgettable. 🙂

Something I will never understand is… why people don’t honor who they truly are instead of living up to somebody else’s standards.

The best thing about Atlanta is… the regional dialect shawty!

And when you come here, you should check out… FTP Movement feeding the homeless every 2nd and 4th Sunday, Dulce Vegan so you can bring me some cupcakes and Five Points for people watching.

You haven’t lived until… you had falafel at 2 a.m. in Oslo with Amiri Baraka.

If… more of us walked how we talked… everything would be different.

The best frank advice I ever got was… people don’t give you what you deserve, they give you what you negotiate.

Photo credit: Nick Burnz (Black Algebra)


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