Alkamyst/metalsmith Sha doing what he does best!

Brother Sha is a master metalsmith/alkamist/healing artist. I’ve been rocking his highly charged copper, brass, silver and gemstone creations since the early 2000’s. I recently visited his design studio and experienced his creative process first-hand, browsed his inventory and tried on everything on the shelves.He created a ring for me on the spot in what seemed like seconds. The thing I appreciate most about this brother’s work is how deeply his spiritual practices  and healing touch are interwoven into each and every piece. He alchemically clears and charges each stone specifically; intuitively suggesting stones and metals as well as giving background info on them for you to study to insure each piece suits your healing needs. His work is high quality and speaks for itself as you will see in the following photos. Sha can be contacted via email: and he will be vending in the Atlanta area this Sunday March 18 from 2-11pm at the Dr. Alim Bey lecture.

Sha shares insight on his healing arts:

“I am a full time artist, my works range from sculpture to jewelry. I have displayed and sold my art at Funk Jazz , Black Arts festival, Essence Festival , Woodruff Arts museum, Pan African Film Festival, High Museum Of art, Asheville Art museum, and more. My work is known to heal on every level, as well as attract energy to you that you want , abundance, health, courage, whatever you want to acheive my healing art can energize and enhance. I focus on craftmanship and design so that in addition to having a powerful amulet you also have a very unique and fashionable piece of wearable art.I have used crystals to heal heart disorders, depression, negative energy of all kinds and more. in my own life I have pulled myself up and out of the gutter, crime , drugs, poverty, homelessness, addiction you name it and yes anyone can fall victim to oppression. so i am not approaching crystal healing like some guru who is untouchable, i have been touched and I stood up to make a choice , i quit smoking and (even Ganja) Drinking, thinking negative thoughts and lusting to attune myself to a higher frequency.”

Copper ankh with double udjat eye & double helix & chakra balancing stones chain



  1. Hi I am very much into healing I am suffering with depression and I am a big lover of the Egyptian Ankh of life I am looking for an Ankh staff and wandering do u make them and how much would it cost thanks Nikki I love your page by the way

    • peace and love sis. pardon the delay, im just seeing this comment. a brother of mine makes these ankhs, and he is the truth..energetically as well as with the craftsmanship. His name is Sha and you can reach him here: 404-749-7911. thank you and much light, love and healing to you.

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