Dr. Andrew J. Newsome is one of the premier College Park sedation dentists providing comfortable care for hundreds of College Park families. Our specialized staff is constantly updated on the latest College Park sedation dentistry methods for the most comfortable service available. When looking for College Park sedation dentists with extended training and experience, look no further. Dr. Andrew J. Newsome is proud to serve patients in the College Park community.  Through continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. Andrew J. Newsome is able to offer you and your family a high level of quality as a College Park sedation Dentist.

With Dr. Andrew J. Newsome’s practice, fear of pain or lengthy treatments are no longer an excuse to put off fixing your smile. Whether your problem is related to teeth coloration, stains, chips, gum problems or crooked teeth, we guarantee a fast and comfortable cosmetic dentistry service, so you can regain the confidence you were lacking for not having a beautiful smile. We guarantee dramatic improvements after just one appointment!

If you are in the College Park area, don’t hesitate to come see us. Make your appointment today! 

Click here for information on how to reach us.


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