When I created and designed the new staHHr logo, I sought something universal, simplistic in design and visually appealing. I desired something that would convey many different things to many different types of beings simultaneously, as well as trigger ancestral memory and activate the volumes of information stored in our DNA. A student of ancient Khemet/Kush, I was drawn to the symbols of that region instantly. The shen stood out the most, because it spoke to EXACTLY what I was vibrating on personally as well as what we as a whole would benefit from tapping in to as we realign and shift paradigms: longevity, eternity, power, protection, leadership, feminine principle, etc. Any name (ren) encapsulated in the shenu (elongated shen, you may have seen it referred to erroneously as a “cartouche”) is said to protect both the name and bearer of the name from negativity and give them longevity. The tiet (knot) at the base of the shen represents eternal life, Ast/Auset/Isis, power and if we added a djed pillar (column, male principle) to the bottom, we would have an ankh, a symbol of eternal life, the combined power or womb, man and child, etc. The star in the center of the shen is representative of my name, staHHr, as well as of the womb, women, the five elements of nature, the five divine/universal principles love, truth, peace, freedom and justice, the five pillars of I.S.L.A.M. (I SELF LAW AM MASTER), the five Noble Moorish tribes, El, Bey, Al, Ali, Dey, etc. These symbols have multiple meanings depending on the time and place where they are used. My research brought these meanings forward for me to share and I will that you will take the time to ingest this information and trigger those memories. The following info is from:



“Appearance: The shen ring is at first glance a circle with a horizontal line in a tangent along its bottom edge. However the shen is more than meets the eye. The shen was a stylized loop of rope with each end visible.
Meaning: In many cultures, the circle was a symbol of “eternity.” Such symbolism is evident in familiarities such as the wedding ring of Western cultures, the Gnostic ouroboras and the ying-yang of China.
The same is true of the shen ring. Deriving its name from the rootshenu (to encircle), it was almost always a symbol of eternity. However, the shen ring also held the idea of “protection.” It most often carried this connotation when seen in its elongated variation, the cartouche; which surrounded the birth and throne names of the Pharaohs.
The shen frequently appeared depicted in the claws of the avian forms of the falcon-god Heru/Horus and various vulture goddesses. An example of this can be seen to the right. The shen was also depicted at the base of the notch palm branches held by the god of eternity, Heh.”

The Star:

The five pointed star has many meanings and is used by everyone from Moors to Wiccans. It is symbolic of wombman and man, the five points being the head, two arms and two legs. The planet Venus (Love) and the Golden Ratio deal with the number 5. Anything inside of a 5 pointed star within a circle is protected. The number five is the number of Het Heru (Kemetic Neter of beauty, love, art, music)  and the orisha Oshun.

The following is from:

“The points, or pentagrams, of the star are the expressions of the Science that breeds from the Higher Self of every Moor’s mind. These points encompass 72 degrees x 5 (360) of the Highest Principles known to man and this Star describes man’s every phase of life in a single expression.

The singleness of the Star represents its freedom, independence and obedience (harmony) to the Great God.  The North Star, of the Moorish American Flag, is also a sign of their constancy and polarity to the human family; the fixed stability of the Seraphim.  Still, all of these great things of divinity evolve 360 degrees around the executive principle of Love.  Love is always the first point.  Yet, these five Divine Principles are not a new philosophy.  The Ancient Moors practiced them holistically on a daily basis.”

As this brief synapsis reveals, there are infinite ways the star/shen symbol can be interpreted. The staHHr Shen logo tees are available for purchase now either on my Bandcamp or Bigcartel site.


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