I gotta be honest… I have some OCD tendencies when it comes to creating, hence naming this song Compulsive.. I remember the day I got the beat back in 2002. I was sitting on the floor in the studio and ID 4 Windz was running through beats. He made the track with me in mind and when he played it, I said “I’ll be back tomorrow to record to this”.  I ended up leaving without the track and went home and wrote the three verses and chorus, playing back the beat in my head. I recorded it a couple of days later, and this was the first time I had written that quickly without an impending deadline to meet. I instantly locked in with a concept and the beat.. I was totally confident and certain about everything… I was in my pocket. The recording process went smoothly too; ironic seeing as how the topic was me coming clean about my musical OCD. I honestly love everything about this song, I couldn’t find any flaws in it (I’m a very critical writer and tend to find a flaw even in the most perfect lyrics). This is my favorite song on “Almost Neva Was” and one of my favorite staHHr songs  because it marks an important milestone for me as a songwriter. You can purchase and download “Compulsive” here:

Of course, it’s all about the lyrics:

gradual approach mic fiend weed head to roach similarity
i give broken monitors the clarity-apparently at vinyl orgies djs been sharing me
bite a quote sparingly and row ya boat merrily
higher sense some tension kava intervention self center of attention mega loneliness prevention
blow ya backwoods hoped this track would get ya open with the bag sealed its potent funky fresh ultra dope and
feeling the breast so i get it off my chest given worlds to suckle shining like orion’s buckle
its instinct primal urges deserve this no longer nervous cause its more than lip service
i walk talk think drink blink with the rhythm music got my soul child fated to be with him eternally earning mc currency currently obsessive creating with an urgency

chorus: addicted in oceans of open/habitual the drug of the chosen/word thats my word when its spoken/open mutual devotion obsessive, musical compulsion, compulsion

verse 2:
hooked obscene since around eleventeen mc lyte on
the scene native tongues handling things
by all means walking the freestyle din, in abck of packed shows sensi relaxed flows
standard like yos after blacking like so
just need a good scratch bump a nicotine patch rhymes is how i detached from smoking newport packs now tracks upon tracks without heroin sacks
as good as it gets skipping the crack still they broke mamas back trying to fuse the spinal intact shoe in pimping a rap second daughter of mack linguistic bloodline fire wordplay it flood mine sandbag tactics metaphor abstractness you get attackeded if you less than natural at this
sadistic masochistic cracking whips the asterisk keep it black and crisp spitting even though i lack a lisp
verse 3:
upholding hip hop to the highest level totem gray hair cane orthopedic shoes still toasting
headphones on straight going through convulsions bumping the new new or dont front i got you open
fantastic -write meticulous creating classics
no plastic, carbon copies, make up or masks kid
massive main operative is bringing pain
inciting riot verses molotovs off the brain
stay up Cane, do ya thing maintain three alarm flame silly rappers abstain
hoping to be dope as me knowing they cant cope with me stahhr outshine understudies every time
24/7 beheading peddling consonants addicted to compliments each line is boosting confidence drop hits for whom the cap fits exclusive for the musical abusive


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