The Soul Cleansing Special Edition Video -Dr. Mitchell Gibson

A living testament to the existence of the Gods (Neteru, Eloheem, etc) light bodies and extra-terra-astrals living amongst us works through the vessel of Dr. Mitchell Gibson . 🙂 His work, information and life force are GOD SENDS for those seeking, aspiring and transforming/transmutating into higher vibratory frequencies and realms of existence.

White Dwarf stars

“The Soul Cleansing Special Edition CD represents a tremendous upgrade in the technology we have developed to cleanse the soul gem. This CD takes advantage of the newly discovered radio emissions from a very powerful distant white dwarf star. Recent discoveries in stellar seismography have revealed that each star radiates a complex series of radio waves that may be translated into sound. These sounds resonate throughout the body of the star very much like a heartbeat. Each star has its own characteristic heartbeat. The more evolved the star, the more distinct and resonant its heartbeat becomes.

The white dwarf star is the most common type of star in the universe. Over 97% of the stars in the universe are white dwarf stars. Stars like our Sun will become red giants and after they have matured toward the end of their physical lives, they will become white dwarf stars. The white dwarf star is over 200,000 times more dense than the Sun and is approximately the same volume as the Earth itself. This immense pressure and density of mass creates a unique cleansing signature within the radio signal of the star.

The white dwarf star consciousness can connect the lower mind with higher consciousness. Usually, during normal waking consciousness, this connection is obscured by emotional, mental, and spiritual noise and debris. The cleansing function of The Soul Cleansing Special Edition CD helps to greatly improve the reception of the valuable information flowing into the conscious mind from the regions of the higher mind.

This CD also contains the Names of God associated with dispelling dark forces, healing, and spiritual power. Using The Soul Cleansing Special Edition CD on a regular basis helps to connect the mind to the higher dimensional planes of reality.”

Purchase CDS, DVDS, and more from Dr. Gibson here:


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