(Saturday Happily Natural during the day & Sunday Poets 4 Political Prisoners)

For more info email:

A Black Family Reunion Where Political Activism Meets Cultural Expression

More Than A Celebration, It’s A Commemoration!!! Where some of the most necessary and accomplished freedom fighters and community activists unite with some of the most relevant artists of our time to bring about a unique form of edutainment.

Each year we have a different theme and 2011’s theme is “Why we say FTP?” which stands for For The People, Feed the People, Fight the Power and more!

The weekend’s events…

Friday August 26th:

Black August Art Show (Tribute to Geronimo Ji Jaga & Gil Scott Heron)
(Sponsored By The City of Ink and The FTP Movement)

Saturday August 27th:

Happily Natural Day Festival (Outdoor/ Indoor Festival (Noon to 7PM)
337 Dargan Place, Atlanta, GA, 30310

32nd Annual Black August Commemoration Concert (9PM to 2AM)

337 Dargan Place Atlanta GA 30310

featuring:Slick & Rose, Binis Recs, staHHr, Ekundayo, Arablak, Carla “C Sharp” Gomez and more. DJ 4th Wurld on the wheels. Hosted by Great Scott and Mayasa

Sunday August 28th:

RBG Family Reunion & Poets 4 Political Prisoners (Outdoor/ Indoor Festival (Noon to 7PM)

337 Dargan Place, Atlanta, GA, 30310

This is our 3rd year doing the festival here in Atlanta and we have had more than 1000 attendees traveling into Atlanta from around the country and internationally in order to shop our vast and unique Afrikan Bazaar, arm themselves with knowledge provided by our lecturers, panel discussions, workshops and demonstrations, enlighten their children with our storytellers, creative writing workshop, face painting and other youth activities, get in shape with our full-length Afrikan Martial Arts class, sample our vegan and live cuisine, and enjoy themselves watching our Happily Natural Day Fashion & Natural Hair Show and listening to live music and spoken word performances!

You can view a few of our Black August Weekend 2010 promotional videos at:

For any questions email

And if you are not interested in vending we are still accepting Performers, Lecturers, Presenters and Sponsors. To be considered for performance or to present, email your EPK (Electronic Press Kit – Photo, Bio and MP3) to


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