Unbreakable.. like the Wawa Aba

In the Akan culture, the Wawa Aba is the symbol of someone who is strong and tough.

As I approached my solar return, I began thinking of a ways to express visually the last few years of my life .. the highs, lows, growth, transformations, triumphs, trials and tribulations.  This quest led me to the Akan Adinkra symbol system. Visual alchemy has long since been a way that indigenous people have communicated and the Adinkra symbols have spoken to me strongly since I first discovered them some years ago. I have a Sankofa symbol tattoo; a constant reminder to learn from those not so wise choices of my youth and not repeat them. The Wawa Aba is an Adinkra symbol that represents “the seed of the wawa tree”. It is symbolic of strength, perserverance, hardiness. This seed is extremely hard and in the Akan culture it is a symbol used by those that are strong and tough. It inspires the individual to persevere through hardships. This symbol and it’s meaning leapt off the page … the connection was made. Visually, this symbol speaks to my inner strength, quest for more stability, resilience .. the epitome of being unbreakable … the Wawa Aba. Ase!


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