The Whole World is a Stage??!!!???!?!

First, I love  and appreciate all of the energy, feedback, encouragement and support that has been coming my way recently. Via this internet, all of you have been a part of my life, just as I have been a part of your lives, and I appreciate all of you. 🙂

“Getting up” in Oslo, Norway. Hip hop is a global movement.

I have had a sirius love affair with being the center of attention for a great portion of my life. (on my terms of course). This started around age 6, if I remember correctly. Throughout elementary school, I loved drama class, was in chorus, did talent shows, writing contests, wanted to act and model. I’ve been outspoken since birth I’m told. 🙂 Well, with time comes growth (it should) and with growth comes change, adaptability, elevation, etc. The need and desire to  be “paid attention”  has been slowly dissapating since I hit 30(great genes). It probably sounds odd, a little oxymoronic to hear a performance artist say they don’t care to be on stage all the time right? Like, you signed on to create music, share it with the world, what’d you expect? Boundaries are a tricky thing. When you share your soul, your core essence and being, which is what musicians, poets, writers, vocalists, mcs, etc do, it is often a struggle to retain a space that is just yours that no one else is admitted entrance into. I cringe when I catch the TMZ clips of crazed papparazzi stalking entertainers, or even the times I may have been fresh from an argument in my personal life, PMS’ing or running to the store real quick to get a snack, only to be put “on stage” during a public siting. How do you communicate effectively that right now, I’m in civilian mode without offending? I’m sure moor than a few feelings have been hurt in the pursuit of my preserving sacred space and privacy when navigating in the public sector. It dawned on me today that I haven’t done a “real” performance in Atlanta since last February. For one, I’m tired of performing old material. At a certain point, you just have to fall back and regroup, which is what I’ve been doing. It has nothing to do with fear, falling off, none of that. Ive been focused on my most important tasks: personal growth, family affairs and working on and creating new music. I’m so excited about the new material.. I’ve been through and freed up a lot in the past year; and I’m enjoying basking in that freedom. I’m not in a rush to be boxed in again anytime soon. I’m not so sure I’m ready to jump back in the public eye and share all this new and ebullient energy on stage just yet. Call me selfish. 🙂 Over the years, there have been many things I lacked professionally(some personal stuff too) that made my music career kind of weight and not wings for me, like a steady place to record, available producers whose sound complemented my own, a team- management, promo, a&r, etc. As a solo artist, all of the creative onus falls on ME, and without a strong team or the ability to do my own production, artwork, djing, etc.. it can seem overwhelming at times. At any rate, I tend to be in my own world.. like all the time.. spaced out, oftentimes oblivious to the obvious, bent on complicating that which is simple because “there’s no way it’s that simple”, getting in my own way…so when people express their love and appreciation for me or my craft.. it takes me for a loop sometimes. Recently people from all over have been showing interest in new staHHr music, shows, etc. and some of the people I didn’t even think knew me or my music existed. Just goes to show you, you never know what type of impact you have on people. I’m getting over that need for attention, especially during the intense personal growth, because I’m just so much moor comfortable with me, I don’t “need” to prove anything. I still and always will have an immense love for performing. It’s such a charge. I love sharing and exchanging energy in that capacity. When I’m in that zone, all boxes, all separation dissolves, and we are all in ONE accord, vibrating. The next project I will be releasing is titled “Mother NTR (Nature with a Molotov)”.. a title which speaks for itself. I’ve been quiet for awhile, barring a few features on albums here and there, getting my “houses” in order, sitting back observing, listening, tending to my personal and family life, studying music, business, advertising, law. I still love performing, I really do, and I cant wait to rock many moor stages in the near future. I decided to “be” an artist fully and have been relying on my art to sustain me since late January. All I can say is,  it’s been bringing out my inner hustler/go getter/paper chaser in ways even I was unaware I could access. The sacrifices will pay off, they must, and being motivated by that has gotten me way further than the desire to be seen or heard. To know that I have the ability to impact the consciousness of humanity, to raise the collective vibration and bring balance, that is something i don’t take lightly. I’d rather pass up opportunities to give you what youre used to seeing and hearing and get this new material finished to bring forth something new and incredible. Timing is everything, and that is one of the main lessons I’ve learned most recently. It’s almost time. Peace and Love.



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